The YMCA serves our community in a variety of ways and in many locations. To accommodate the busy schedule of their members, de Novo redesigned their website in a responsive format so mobile users retained all functionality. Multiple locations with differing schedules proved to be a challenge right off the bat. We solved this by separating location pages out and giving each branch their own “landing page,” complete with hours, schedule, contact information and room for facility photos.

The YMCA’s Camp Wapsie was also a large component of this website build, which combined two websites into one. The build was made successful with the addition of a left side menu and accordions to provide the maximum amount of content with minimal pages. Accordions allow for us to display and hide information with the simple click of a button (and as a bonus, they’re mobile friendly).

We also wanted to empower the staff to make updates to their website when necessary—after all, it’s a living, breathing marketing piece. Each branch manager and director was trained to make edits to the site, with access given to their corresponding pages.