The Arc

Commemorating an inclusive recreation space in the heart of our community required a creative eye and a spirit of partnership. We used it as an opportunity to be artistic, collaborative, and aspirational—showcasing what made the project so special.

The Challenge

The Arc of East Central Iowa had dreamed of building an inclusive recreation space for years, enhancing their outdoor area and providing a place for all to enjoy. That dream became a reality in 2023 with the construction of a spacious, vibrant space adjacent to their downtown office.


The Work

The fun and playful nature of the project called for something equally fun and engaging to recognize the donors who made the inclusive recreation area possible. This needed to be more than a donor wall or plaque; the final piece had to exemplify the exuberance of the space. The Arc reached out to us to help finalize the concept, design the installation, and bring the final piece to life.

Our Approach

We met with members from the Arc and enlisted the talents of our design team, specifically Jav Ducker, to visualize the concept of a lenticular donor installation. Lenticular design creates depth and the ability to unveil different aspects based on the angle from which one views the installation.

Starting with a sketch, Jav created the initial blueprint for the idea—giving life to the concept of a layered heart. From there, we reached out to one of our clients, New Leader Manufacturing, to engineer and produce the heart-shaped, dimensional metal.

The final installation was going to live outdoors, so we knew it needed to be both eye-catching and sturdy. What started as a flat sheet of steel quickly transformed into a dimensional piece with fins. The process played out from conception and design through to manufacturing and final installation.

The Work

Inspired by the artwork of donor Laura Saylor Smith, we incorporated elements of her art to serve as a focal point for the piece. The collage technique of varying brush strokes and colors perfectly symbolizes both the collaborative effort to bring the piece to life and the unified fundraising to build the inclusive recreation space.

The lenticular design creates dimensionality and allows the artwork to take center stage while also giving prominence to the donors in a visually striking manner. Both components live in harmony. The visual and physical design of the piece tell a story of coming together for a cause.

The Results

The final creation is much more than a donor wall; it’s a piece of art, welcoming all who pass by and recognizing all who brought this shared space to life. It’s captivating, memorable, and representative of what it takes to make a difference.

The installation reflects both the magic of the space and the broader community’s commitment to partnership in service to others.

“I am immensely proud of that entire project. It’s whimsical and happy. It’s the first thing that I show people when they come in from out of town. I’m that proud of it.”

– Jenny Bosking, Director of Development and Communications, The Arc of East Central Iowa