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The Challenge

When de Novo first met with the brains behind IntelliSee (a company that uses artificial intelligence to visually detect threats to human safety), the startup had cool tech, limitless potential and the ambition to match. But their first product was still in development. And they had no brand, logo or identity to speak of. What’s more, they were bringing an entirely new kind of product to market—one their customers didn’t know was even possible.

Logos and graphics designed for IntelliSee

Our Approach

First, we needed to distill all the technical details of the product-to-be into something customers could understand. We did a TON of research and attended live product demos to become overnight experts in visual-based artificial intelligence, video monitoring systems and the security industry.

We also needed to build flexibility into the brand—while they only had one product at the time, their team was sitting on an endless supply of ideas waiting to be developed (by the time we finished branding IntelliSee, we were already onto their next product).

Whatever we created for them, it needed to work within a full suite of TBD products. This meant planning well into the future and building an expandable visual framework.

Branding & Design

We created IntelliSee’s brand—its name, logo and all accompanying design elements—from scratch. We also created a comprehensive messaging strategy complete with key messages and taglines, style and grammar preferences, and guidance on voice and tone. No matter what sights the company set its eyes on next, it now had everything it needed to establish itself as an up-and-coming player in the world of AI-based security.

Website & Videos

de Novo built a dynamic, visually-impactful website for IntelliSee to showcase their capabilities and benefit to society. The technology underlying their products is undoubtably complicated—but the website breaks down how it works, how it’s used and its advantages in a way users can grasp. We accomplished this through clear, concise writing, but also though iconography, graphics and short video clips showing the technology at work.
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