City of Mount Vernon

A city’s website is its front door to the world. Developing and designing an effective, engaging website involves empathy, creativity, and attention to detail. That’s even more so when transforming a city’s online presence.

The Challenge

Develop a Website that Engages, Promotes, and Connects.

Mt. Vernon city leaders reached out to us to redesign and redevelop their website. The site was antiquated, unorganized, and difficult to navigate for both staff and residents.

City leaders wanted a website that made information easy to find for current residents and showcased the vibrant community.

The End Goals Became Clear:

  • Create a visually appealing and mobile-friendly site.
  • Restructure the navigation and layout with an eye toward improved accessibility.
  • Improve site coordination and governance for regularly required tasks and announcements.
  • Organize information for improved communication, transparency, and responsiveness.


Our Approach

The more we talked with city leaders and stakeholders, the more we viewed this beyond a website redevelopment project; this was an opportunity for a complete digital transformation.

For instance, we learned that the city only kept paper records and people had to print every form and submit at City Hall. A new website offered the perfect chance to transition all paper forms to digital documents—saving resources, increasing accessibility, and streamlining processes. We went to work implementing a communications platform that offered staff and residents a variety of capabilities through one portal, including:

  • Collection of online forms and payments.
  • Trackable online requests for action that could be assigned among staff members.
  • Creation of the city’s first email newsletter.
  • Creation and monitoring of social media updates across multiple platforms.
  • Activation of SMS text updates.

From there, we analyzed data from their current site and collected staff input to prioritize content, pages, and forms that were most important to their residents, including information about utilities, billing, and other city services.

We then reevaluated the site palette to bring in bright, vibrant colors, captured original photos and videos to add the personal touch, and revisited specific messaging to instill clarity and create a welcoming tone.

The Work

The new site stands as a sign that Mt. Vernon has arrived, with updated messaging, vibrant imagery, and clear navigation. It’s also designed for mobile, keeping user experience at the forefront. The modernized look and feel engage visitors and make the site easy to explore.

The new communications platform offers digital versions of PDF forms, online payments, and a ticketing system for residents to easily submit requests and city leaders to track and respond. The platform stores all records within one system, allows the city to send timely alerts, and brings much-needed consistency and transparency to city processes. These features are especially important for city managers.

The Results

Mt. Vernon’s new website highlights what makes the city such a great place to live and visit while helping residents quickly find and understand the information they need.

It also supports city staff—streamlining processes, aiding communication, and ultimately making their jobs easier.

With clarity, transparency, and ease of use, the site connects all the dots—from Main Street to the World Wide Web.