Giving Tree Theater

The Challenge

Giving Tree Theater emerged from the COVID-19 pandemic with an updated theater and expanded entertainment options. With COVID and economic concerns lingering, the theater needed to find ways to reconnect with past patrons and reach new audiences to expand their presence, with the ultimate goal to increase ticket sales for all shows and events in 2023.


The Work

Our Approach

First, we met with Giving Tree Theater to understand their business and the challenges they faced. We then evaluated their current marketing efforts—from digital ad and newsletter performance to content and their website.

From there, we took actionable next steps:

  • Made website recommendations to strengthen SEO and improve the user experience.
  • Defined audiences at a high level to develop overall brand positioning that would compel people to purchase tickets to events.
  • Began digital campaign development with A/B testing of ads to determine the most effective strategy and messaging.
  • Developed a messaging matrix to provide specific messaging tailored to different audiences.

The result was a comprehensive marketing campaign in service to the underlying mission of helping define the Giving Tree Theater’s identity and giving people prominent reasons to attend events.

Our Work

Our messaging and positioning matrix gave the theater a distinctive voice and outlined clear differentiators. The campaign theme, Make Your Weekend Worth It, established the Giving Tree Theater as the destination for active residents throughout Marion and Cedar Rapids who wanted more from their weekends—both socially and culturally.

Once we had clear messaging in place, we bolstered their webpage with copy that expanded upon their identity and helped with organic reach through the power of SEO.

The final step was to increase reach, awareness, and audience engagement with a digital ad campaign, leveraging both Google Search and Facebook ads .

The Results

Through our work, the Giving Tree Theater Campaign served 724,943 impressions and generated 14,046 clicks at an average of just $0.28 per click, well below the average cost-per-click for both Google at $2.11 and Facebook ads at $0.77. The campaign expanded reach and awareness while engaging more community members.

We actively monitored the campaign and calibrated our approach to leverage the highest-performing ads.

Overall, the digital campaign drove an 88.8% increase in traffic to Giving Tree Theater’s website year-over-year and helped generate 210 orders on the site, with sales totaling $11,027. Of these, 29 orders came from Facebook ads and 181 orders were from Google search ad clicks.

More site visits. Increased ticket sales. Higher attendance. It’s showtime!