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BioConnect Iowa

The Challenge

The Iowa Innovation Council has long been an important resource for bioscience innovators hoping to get new business ideas off the ground. Their mission is simple—connect Iowa’s brightest thinkers to the funding, mentorship and supports they need to successfully launch their ventures. But a generic name and poor brand recognition led to confusion about what they do and who they serve.

In order to help more entrepreneurs build successful bioscience-based businesses—and stay in Iowa as they grow—the organization needed to better explain their mission and services. It was time to rebrand.

Our Approach

We kicked off the brand discovery process by meeting with stakeholders to define their goals and target audience. Our first step was to give the organization a new name that aligned with their mission, spoke to their audience, and made their focus on the bioscience sector more explicit. Among the many viable options, BioConnect Iowa emerged as the winning name, and we quickly got to work creating an eye-catching logo that staff and board members could be proud of.

The Project

To further promote the new brand, we produced an introductory video explaining who BioConnect Iowa is and the many ways they support aspiring bioscience entrepreneurs. Next, we put our web, digital and copywriting teams to work building a responsive, easy-to-navigate website optimized for search. Finally, to officially launch the rebrand, we created a press release to reintroduce the organization and reinforce its benefits to both bioscience and business communities across Iowa.