The Lester Buresh Center

The Challenge

For years, the City of Mount Vernon dreamt of building a community center that could host everything from children’s sports to senior coffee groups. After decades of planning, the city was finally ready to bring their vision to life. That’s when they turned to de Novo for help branding, launching and promoting the new space.

Gym and multipurpose room in the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center
Branded business cards for the director of the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center
Gym and doors of the Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center with branding.

Our Approach

We started by meeting with key stakeholders to better understand their goals and audience. Since the project had been in the works for some time, its leaders came to us full of ideas. The trick was to narrow that list down to the best, most feasible and effective ideas—then identify the tactics that could make them happen.

The Project

First, the center needed a new name and logo. A name was selected to pay homage to the generous donor who made the project possible—The Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center. We then based our branding off a short and sweet abbreviation of the name that was easy to say and recognize—The LBC. Bold, bright and energizing colors were chosen for the logo, which is comprised of interlocking circles that hint at the community’s tight bonds.


They also needed a website to establish a digital presence as exciting as the physical space itself. We built their site to house valuable information, encourage potential members to join, and make it easy to view upcoming classes and events.


All of this was supported by a full marketing plan that helped the center introduce itself to the community. This included a full PR campaign along with a grand opening event, which we planned and managed.

"The Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center was a dream come true for our community! The team at de Novo Marketing worked with us to craft a brand and website that exemplified the spirit and excitement for our new facility, developed a marketing strategy to help us promote and connect with potential members, and helped to coordinate a grand opening event to celebrate our success."

- Matt Siders, Director of Parks and Recreation Direcetor,
Lester Buresh Family Community Wellness Center