Rally CAP

The Challenge

The COVID-19 Pandemic forced many local businesses to close, cut back hours or change the way they traditionally conducted business. Stay at home recommendations also meant that many consumers were not visiting local shops. In a sentence? Business was HURTING.

Our Approach

Our approach was to work hand in hand with the Economic Alliance staff, a series of dedicated street team members, local influencers, and local businesses to provide incentives to consumers. Businesses who chose to part were delivered promotional materials and Rally Cards by street team members who also helped them with photography and other marketing questions. With every purchase, businesses then handed out a Rally Card to customers. Once individuals collected five Rally Cards, they could turn them in for a Rally CAP (which not only is a baseball cap, but also stands for Champion and Protect).

The Project

de Novo provided launch day consulting, press releases and one-on-one training with “base coaches” to roll the program out. We coordinated with local businesses to quickly get them to sign up and fill our roster. Pairing digital advertising with grass roots marketing efforts, we distributed nearly 50,000 Rally Cards to local businesses (include two re-orders!), drove 8,400 people to the website to see participating businesses, and helped Cedar Rapidians Champion and Protect our local economy.