Eastern Iowa Airport

The Challenge

Planning a trip can be fun, but it can also be stressful and complicated. The same can be true of navigating a website.

See how we helped the Eastern Iowa Airport’s website take flight, offering a fresh look and easy navigation for an elevated user experience.

The Eastern Iowa Airport serves a wide audience, with nearly 30% of the state’s passenger traffic choosing to use CID for business and leisure travel across the United States and around the world. Their website is often the first point of contact for travelers. With big traffic came a need for a website that was easy on the eyes and easier for people to navigate, making it simpler to find important information and resources while highlighting all that CID has to offer.

Our Approach

We started by collaborating with the Eastern Iowa Airport to understand their audience and discover what was most important to them in the development of their new site. From the onset, we had clear goals to design a website that:

• Featured a dynamic and professional look and feel
• Was accessible and informational
• Provided consistent, intuitive navigation so information was clearly discoverable
• Could be easily updated, maintained, and administered by the CID team and stakeholders
• Had quick load times on devices and browsers and mobile responsiveness for every screen size

Our focus was to create a smooth user experience. We had the benefit of having previously worked with the Eastern Iowa Airport to develop their branding, giving us the knowledge to bring together design elements in a seamless way that stayed true to their identity.

We also wanted to capture the airport’s vibrant atmosphere, recent renovations, and growing list of non-stop flights—an important distinction for an airport of its size.

Over the course of several months, our team completed discovery, sitemap structure, content creation, user testing, and final site development.

The Work

During our previous work with the Eastern Iowa Airport, we developed a refreshed brand representative of their progress, energy, and growth.

As part of this transformation, we first solidified the identity. We created FLYCID as the main identifier, aligning with the airport code (CID) and bringing cohesion to the overall brand. From there, our team brought the new brand to life through refreshed colors to increase vibrancy, bold fonts to establish presence, and a new logo as the visual centerpiece.

Each choice was creative, strategic, and intentional, especially when it came to logo development. From the forward motion to convey the airport’s momentum and vibrant atmosphere to the negative space as a visual representation of the aviation industry, each element serves a purpose and contributes to the larger story.

And that was just the start…

Magic happens when you combine creativity with technical expertise and UX design. The de Novo team handled all website redevelopment and photography. With years of web development experience on our side, we created a site that followed best practices for navigation, compliance, and usability while also being visually appealing.

Top-line navigation makes it easy for specific audiences to discover the information that matters to them.

Important and popular details—like flight status and non-stop flights—are displayed prominently.

Eye-catching iconography and photography keep users engaged and help them find exactly what they need, from flight tracking and parking to terminal amenities and guest services.

The Results

Navigating FLYCID.com has never been smoother. Clear site structure, scrollable content, and interactive elements spark engagement and make it easy to find relevant information. Responsive design ensures the site always looks great—no matter the device.

At the same time, the site provides flexibility and ease-of-use so that the Airport team can maintain it and make quick updates when needed.

Most importantly, the site works as a helpful tool, guiding people through every step so they can get to their destination quickly. Wheels up!

“The de Novo team was collaborative and responsive during the website process. They ensured our needs and wants were met while using best practices in ADA compliance and user experience to design and build an attractive and functional site. We are proud of the final product—an easy-to-navigate website for all audiences showcasing our beautiful terminal!

—Pam hinman, Director of Marketing Communications, Eastern Iowa Airport