Tri-County Enterprises

The Challenge

For the last 25+ years, Tri-County Enterprises has been the go-to home exterior contractor serving Cedar Rapids, Iowa City and the Cedar Valley. In 2022, they decided to expand their services to include decking—a natural fit for the company. But while they had carved out niches in roofing, gutter and siding replacement, customers were unaware of the new offering—and competitors were everywhere.

To get the new decking service off to a running start, Tri-County also needed to increase its staff amid a local labor shortage. And with rising material costs impacting pricing, they needed to demonstrate the value of their services without having any finished samples to show customers.

Our Approach

To help Tri-County stand out in a sea of small mom & pop contractors, de Novo helped to position them as the premium residential contractor that eastern Iowans trust to deliver a superior product and an unmatched customer experience.

We started by getting strategic. First, we developed a promotional plan to spread the word about the new service using both traditional and digital channels. In the meantime, we planned and launched a successful recruitment campaign designed to entice quality job prospects.

Our Work

To get their phone ringing well before the start of decking season, we developed a multi-platform promotional plan that ran for six months beginning in February. Since we had been working with Tri-County for three years and had a good understanding of their voice, tone and brand values, we were able to quickly assemble campaign creative that built off messaging we had already tested and found to be effective.

As part of the promotional plan, we launched ads across a variety of platforms, including Google Search, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, OTT, CTC, and a local TV station. Strong calls to action (CTAs) led our audience back to a campaign-specific landing page that we set up to track user engagements and conversions.

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Parallel to the promotional ads, we developed job descriptions and began running a recruitment campaign to help Tri-County attract quality candidates to keep up with customer demand.

The Results

The Google search ads were our best performers, as they allowed us to reach out to customers early into the buyer’s journey and nurture them into leads. The ads generated 14,300 impressions, 56 decking form submissions, 8 phone calls and 9 general contact form submissions for an impressive 12.2% conversion rate.

Ads on Facebook and Instagram performed similarly well, generating 205,939 impressions, 689 link clicks and 42 form submissions, with an overall conversion rate of 6.1%.

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OTT and CTV video ads

Even more impressive, the OTT and CTV video ads we launched achieved a 97.24% video completion rate, meaning our ads played to 100% without customers skipping them a whopping 158,570 times. Ads played for a total of 934.42 hours, generating important brand recognition, as well as awareness of the new decking service.

Thanks to a successful recruitment campaign, Tri-County managed to bulk up its crew by the start of decking season, so it didn’t have to turn any customers away. With a full team and an influx of customer requests, the company was able to install dozens of new decks in its first year of offering the new service.

"Having de Novo as our marketing partner has really expanded what we can do for our customers and where we’re headed as a company. When opportunity comes knocking, like it did for our decking service, our team can focus on what we do best knowing de Novo is there to handle the digital strategy, planning and creative."

Branden Peters, President/Co-Owner