wide shot of Andrew Ravera standing behind a camera slider and multiple cameras

Andrew Ravera

Video Producer

With de Novo since 2018

There isn’t much about the video production process that Andrew isn’t head-over-heels in love with. From concepting to storyboarding, filming and editing—seeing a video come together never fails to give him goosebumps. On set, you can see his passion for the process come to life as he searches for the perfect angle. Sometimes he gets so caught up with lighting and sound that he forgets humans are supposed to drink water. (If you happen to see him on set, offer up a water and you’ll make a friend for life!)

On the rare occasion when he’s not behind a camera, you can find Andrew outside exploring or playing fetch with his dog, Wiley. Discovering and learning what this world has to offer are the driving force behind this de Novian.


Creating Cinematic Magic
Lighting Diagrams
Coffee Consumption
Remembering to drink water on set

Extra Credit

Drink of choice:

Coffee (of course)

Favorite film generes:

Documentary and Comedy

Best Vacation Spot:

Anywhere with a forest and mountain to climb

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