wide shot of Jen Neumann standing in front of a shelf with rewards on it and holding a bottle of gin

Jen Neumann


With de Novo since 2008

Jen’s experience in marketing, communications and organizational development runs deep. Before joining de Novo as a Partner in 2008, Jen was VP of Marketing for Girl Scouts of Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois, where she covered a 35-county region and helped raise the organization’s profile in key areas.

At de Novo, Jen serves dual roles as a leader in business development and as our creative director/crazy idea generator. Aside from that, she reminds all of us that we should probably recycle more, and makes the occasional appearance as her alter-ego, HR Pam.

Jen will proudly embrace any label you throw at her: “bird nerd,” “NPR junkie” and “Amazon addict” are all considered terms of endearment. When she’s not out in the community volunteering her time, you can usually find Jen boring her children with bird-watching excursions, chatting it up on Facebook and Twitter, or looking for excuses to bust out a can of spray paint.


Crazy Ideas
Tech Wrangling
Cat Wrangling

Extra Credit

Favorite Bird:

Pileated Woodpecker

Favorite Food:


Worst Habit:

Saying yes to half marathons

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