wide shot of Steve Maxfield with arms outstretched holding a notebook in one hand and a lit lightbulb in the other

Steve Maxfield

Copywriter & Content Specialist

With de Novo since 2021

In Steve’s ideal world, everyone communicates only with phrases from The Office and Schrute Bucks are the common currency. Until that happens, he’s here to help you effectively communicate your message. Whether it’s crafting new campaign copy or polishing up some branding slogans, Steve won’t rest until your messaging tells the story your audience needs to hear.

In his free time you can find Steve practicing his ever-deflating golf game, or chasing around playing with his toddler and Australian Shepherd in the back yard.


Turning Analytics Into Creative
Fantasy Baseball

Extra Credit

Favorite Denzel Washington Movie:

American Gangster

Go-to Band While In Between Musical Obsessions:

The Doors

Favorite All-Time Professional Wrestler :

The Undertaker

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