Liz Sanders

Web & Operations Specialist

With de Novo since 2022

Just like a Swiss Army Knife, Liz has a few tricks up her sleeve. She’s a coder, a problem solver and a Certified Scrum Master—and she’s been immersed in the world of website development, maintenance and infrastructure since 2003. A whiz in the face of a good challenge, Liz has a talent for hunting down faulty coding language and a knack for thinking proactively.

Late at night, you can hear the sound of power tools coming from her workshop or find her tearing apart the plumbing in her 1893 home. She loves restoring old furniture, but if it’s too cold out to paint, she’s probably under a blanket (or twenty) solving cryptograms and Rubik’s cubes.


Hosting/DNS/SSL Management
Instant Pot Cooking Skills

Extra Credit

Favorite Board Game:


Favorite Bands:

Rush and Foo Fighters

Best “Close Calls”:

Got ran over by a boulder in a rock slide and survived malaria

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