wide shot of Jav Ducker standing in front of shelves with a digital sketch pad and items that represent him on the shelves behind him

Javier Ducker

Multimedia Specialist

With de Novo since 2020

Jav—or Javier if you want to get the stink eye—comes to de Novo with more than a decade of experience in graphic design, photography and visual storytelling. Over the course of his career, he’s worked with iconic brands like Coca-Cola and UNICEF across a variety of mediums, from magazines to digital campaigns to video. He’s got a passion for branding, editorial design and photo portraiture, but don’t put Jav in a box—as our master of Mixed Media, he can do it all.

Jav was born and raised in Mexico City, Mexico, where he honed his professional craft—and his enviable cooking and baking skills. When he’s not making his house smell like you want to stop whatever you’re doing and grab a plate, you can catch him at the pool swimming laps, hitting the bike trail, or taking unflattering pictures of his two cats, Izzie and Conrad.


Adobe Wizardry
Motion Graphics
Making Churros
Controlling Hanger

Extra Credit

Favorite Music Genre:

Symphonic Metal

Favorite Book:

Ensayo Sobre la Ceguera (Blindness) by José Saramago

Karaoke Song of Choice:

Poor Unfortunate Souls 🐙

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