wide shot of Becca Skalsky looking off to the side with a digital sketchpad in front of her

Becca Skalsky

Creative Services Manager - Design

With de Novo since 2014

An artist to the core, Becca is happiest when she’s creating. Whether manipulating Bézier curves, crafting hand-lettered masterpieces, or putting a paint brush to canvas, her creativity knows no bounds. Becca’s extensive design background covers everything from brand development to print collateral and digital. We’ve even given Becca her own verb—“Becca-fy”—referring to her process of turning mundane content into something eye catching.

When she’s not cranking out award-winning creative at de Novo, Becca’s adventurous side often leads her out on the bike trail or traveling the country in search of the best craft beers. (She loves a good kettle sour!)


Graphic Design Mastery
Hand Lettering
Drawing Portraits
Keeping Plants Alive

Extra Credit

Favorite Iowa Brewery:

Barn Town Brewing

Artist Who Inspires Me:

Lauren Hom

Favorite Food:

Anything breakfast-y

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