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Sparking fresh ideas is what we do best.

Years of experience working with cities of all sizes on initiatives big and small—from engaging community members to boosting tourism—have made us experts in the field.

What can we do for you? Marketing strategy? For sure. Communication planning? Of course. Bringing your website into the 21st century? Absolutely.

People connect with people, so communicating through a human lens is vital. It starts with shifting from mere information sharing to the power of storytelling, with transparency, clarity, and humanity as key aspects of everything you do.

Keep exploring to see how we’ve done it and gain a few fresh ideas of your own.


People go to your website as their one source of truth for all information. In many cases, it’s your first impression to both prospective tourists and community members. With that in mind, you need a website that is:

Easy to navigate • Dynamic and interactive • Visually appealing

A modern, well-designed website will keep people engaged, help them find what they’re looking for, and prompt action.


Simply put, digital marketing is your online presence. It typically refers to marketing campaigns that appear on a computer, phone, tablet, or other device and includes:

Online video • Display ads • Search engine marketing
Paid social ads • Social media posts

Each of those platforms can help you extend your messaging and reach new people. It’s a prime opportunity to feature community members to keep your content approachable and give it that human touch.

Explore how we used digital to help the Cedar Rapids Metro Economic Alliance rally the economy in the wake of COVID.


Each community is unique, and conveying your identity is at the heart of our philosophy.

This is why marketing matters.

Start with determining what your community loves about and envisions for itself. The key is engaging with your residents and building a vision together, then empowering those people to become ambassadors. Our approach—research first, creativity from within, and strategy based in experience—helps your community reach its goals.

Discover how we helped the City of Waterloo transform their narrative.

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