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Here are some processes we've put in place to help your project(s) move seamlessly from start to finish.

Important Documents

Here at de Novo, we have several documents that help us (and you) manage projects effectively.

Contracts & Estimates







You will receive invoices from accounting@thinkdenovo.com. (Please be sure your accounting department whitelists this email.) You’re also welcome to reach out to this email address if you have any questions regarding your invoice. Be prepared to establish your preferred method of payment and billing contact with your account manager when your project kicks off.


de Novo sends all invoices electronically, unless paper invoices are requested.

Monthly retainer invoices are sent the first business day of each month. Clients on retainer will be billed for the current month, while all other invoices will include work done the previous month. Not on retainer? You will receive your invoice mid-month.

de Novo also reserves the right to charge a 15% late payment finance charge for overdue invoices past 30 days, unless a prior payment schedule is agreed upon.

All invoices are Net 15, unless other terms are agreed upon.

Production & Media Mark-Ups

As is industry standard, de Novo adds a mark-up on all traditional media (TV, radio, print, outdoor) and production placed on your behalf. This mark-up covers de Novo’s time to research, coordinate, and manage production, media planning and buying efforts, as we do not charge an hourly rate for our production and media management time. For clients that run advertising through their own credit cards or are directly invoiced by vendors, hourly rates for production, planning and management apply. 

Rush Jobs

Your boss needs something ASAP? You signed up to speak at a conference and it’s next week and you have no collateral? You won an award and need a video in the next few weeks? We’re here to help!

A “rush job” is any requested project that has a faster-than-usual project completion timeline. We are happy to take on these projects and will work with you on the best plan of attack for your timeline and budget.

Help Us Help You: Being a Great Partner

At de Novo, we pride ourselves on being great marketing partners and hold ourselves accountable to our clients. Collaboration and trust are key to ensuring you get our best work. Here are some things that you can do to help us create a fantastic product and get the most out of your partnership with de Novo:

Have a single, focused direction that is clearly communicated to your internal team and to de Novo.

Before you begin work with de Novo, it's important that your internal teams are all "rowing in the same direction" when it comes to project goals and expectations.

Designate one point of contact.

Just as you have one main point of contact at de Novo, it's helpful if we have one main point of contact within your organization. This allows for clear communication and no confusion as to who is communicating feedback and decisions that affect the project(s).

Do your homework.

As we launch your project or retainer, your account manager will reach out to set up a kick-off meeting. There may be homework assigned for that meeting. This could be a request for your logo & brand standards, questions about what you've done in the past, a list of competitors, etc. Please help us kick things off right by providing us with all the pertinent information specific to your project.

Timely approvals from the right people.

Gathering all your feedback from all your internal stakeholders before you send it will save you time, money and headaches. This is crucial to running a smooth project and meeting your goals and timelines.

Provide complete, thoughtful feedback.

In addition to being timely, feedback should be clear and concise. Clear feedback allows little room for error and keeps everyone moving in the same direction when it comes to project goals and the final deliverable.

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