Jennifer Shaddox


Brand Development
Creative Development
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Jennifer Shaddox

Account Manager

with de Novo since 2020

With more than 20 years of account management experience to guide her, Jennifer knows what it takes to deliver thoughtful, effective and refreshingly creative marketing solutions. Working within your specified budget and schedule, she assembles our A-team to produce outstanding strategies, websites, logos and more. Need some collateral? The A-Team is on it. How about new branding? Yep, they’re on that too. (See a pattern here? We don’t believe in B-teams.)

When Jen isn’t working, her number one priority in life is to stay on top of all the husky glitter in the house. Being a dog mom to two blue-eyed huskies and a yellow lab is a bigger challenge than she thought. Her biggest escape from all the hair is putting on her hiking boots and finding new trails to explore.

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