Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery

Wine & Spirits

Explorer Pack Package

de Novo worked with Cedar Ridge Winery & Distillery on the launch of their American Whiskey Explorer Pack, a sample package of their most popular whiskeys. de Novo edited their bottle labels and designed the new packaging to create a rugged, yet aesthetically pleasing one-color box. Originally designed to be sold at duty-free stores across the US, the goal was to create a design that was undeniably Iowan.

Staff Headshots

Cedar Ridge approached de Novo with a need for authentic head shots. de Novo toured the Cedar Ridge distillery to scout locations that would best represent their staff’s style, and made sure they conveyed an approachable, rugged and “Iowan” look that was cohesive with the rest of the brand that Cedar Ridge has worked hard to build.


de Novo created cinemagraphs after Cedar Ridge was named the 2017 Distillery of the Year by the American Distilling Institute. The series features their Iowa Bourbon Whiskey, and adds another element into their social media lineup. They add instant motion into a viewer’s newsfeed without being as overpowering as a traditional video or GIF. With only one single element moving, these cinemagraphs subtly draw the eye to the product, the pour and the experience.

Bourbon Barrel Reserve Red

Working with the client’s initial vision and existing brand standards, we created the Bourbon Barrel Reserve wine label. Because Cedar Ridge is known nationwide for their wine and their whiskey, they wanted something that combined the best of both worlds. To emphasize the bourbon component without departing from traditional wine labels, we used a bourbon barrel as the muted focal point. How can a focal point be muted? Take a look and see what we mean! Impactful, appealing, and most importantly—brand compliant!