wide shot of Kelly Stapella sitting in a beanbag with a pen in her hand and a notepad in her lap

Kelly Stapella

Writer & Communications Manager

With de Novo since 2014

In a parallel universe, Kelly is a private investigator who writes about her epic misadventures. But in this world, she puts her nosiness curiosity to work as de Novo’s Writer & Communications Manager. Whether you need messaging from scratch or just an editing eye, Kelly lives to help you relate to your customers, fans and followers in a meaningful—and memorable—way.

A proud weirdo and “critter mom,” Kelly enjoys watching cartoons on Adult Swim, taming her backyard chipmunks and adding to her collection of trinkets, TV props and oddities.


Writing Copy
Grammar Intervention
Sitting Still
On-the-Fly Limericks

Extra Credit

Favorite Star Trek Captain:

Jean-Luc Picard

Favorite Read:

National Geographic

Favorite Show on Adult Swim:

Off the Air

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