360 panorama of the de Novo studio and brand wall

Take a look around.


360° tours like the one below do more than showcase your space—they engage your user.

de Novo uses 360° photography, video and other interactive elements to create an experience that generates excitement. That entices customers to visit you in person. That builds recognition for your brand…

In short, we help people make purchasing decisions. Like “Where should I book my next corporate retreat?” Or “Which restaurant should I bring my date to?”

With a 360° virtual tour, an event venue can help prospective guests envision their big day without stepping foot in the space. Through rotatable static photos, a person searching for hotels can find the perfect room. And through clickable interactive displays, museums can entertain patrons, even when they’re closed. 

The applications are limited only by your creativity. 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to bring a space to life with 360° elements:

Self-Guided 360° Virtual Tours

These are great for expansive spaces with a lot to show off. Ideal for office layouts, museums and larger retail.

Static 360° Photos

Ideal for a rental room space or venue, these photos allow the viewer to explore a single space at a time.

Interactive Video

Whether guided and narrated by an animated or video tour guide, or 100% user-guided—we can embed interactive elements or calls to action directly into your video.

Ready to engage your audience with 360° video or photography?